Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As little as the weather...

Here I am getting ready for my Hawaii vacation. I wanted to compare weather where I will be to where the hubby is. When I looked at his weather, I noticed its about a hundred degrees hotter than the last time we talked about it. It's little things like that which show me I miss out on parts of his life (as well as he misses out on mine) while on deployment. Yuck! Glad it's almost over!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have been doing homecomings for my photography, and they are just so magical. I can't help but get nervous and excited for the ladies I am shooting! I can't wait to have my experience :) Getting to fall in love all over again, and it's gonna be awesome!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things dont always go as planned...

I am sure everyone makes an ideal plan of life and how they want things to go. I know I did! My mom always told me: First college, then get married, then buy a house, then have kids. So of course the way life has come, things are not completely going to be in that order! I am not a fan of the stereotypical life! 
I went to lunch with a friend the other day and she asked, “So do you know where you’re going to travel to first?”. I said, “What are you talking about?”. She said “Since you found your man, now you have a partner and you can do all your traveling!” I said “No. That is not our plan”. And then I was frowned upon! 
1. She knows very well what is going on in my life. 2. I don't even want to travel! All I want is a vacation and some "us time" with my hubby! It kind of upsets me that people feel the need to throw their opinions out there and judge how I handle the situation I am in. If my ovaries close to failed, and my fertility is working… Therefore I choose to have a child as soon as I think I should, then more power to me. The situation I am in does not involve having the time to roam the world, or wait until I am 27 as I wished before. If someone else in my situation would like to spend life on fertility and have a harder chance at having a baby… good for them! I am not willing to put those chances on the line.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Been awhile...

Usually my blogs are my rants... but lately, I have had nothing to rant about. Taking off work has definitely been a load off my shoulders as I get the house home (sounds funny) put together before Garrett returns from deployment.

We finally have a homecoming date, which I am sure will change 500 times before he returns. But we did get e-mails for the cut-offs of sending packages and all that goodness.

We are at a point with our deployment where we are both frustrated with how there's barely any time left! I think because there is so little time left that we feel comfortable talking about it... which means we are talking about it... which means we are frustrated over it! :) Oo military life...

Definitely still the happiest couple on the planet! Staying positive through this madness of a seven months, but it is only preparing us for the rest of our lives :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's wise...... :)

Stop berating yourself for being a work in progress. – Start embracing it!  Because being a work in progress doesn’t mean you’re not good enough today.  It means you want a better tomorrow, and you wish to love yourself completely, so you can live your life fully.  It means you’re determined to heal your heart, expand your mind and cultivate the gifts you know you’re meant to share. May we all be works in progress forever, and celebrate the fact that we are!
This is so true… Whether people like to see it through their own eyes or not, you can be the only person to live in your shoes. If you are succeeding slowly but surely, EMBRACE IT!

I feel like deployment has made me as a person, a work in progress all over again. Not that deployment is over yet, but since half way, it feels like a downhill battle from now on! One thing I learned through out this experience is that everyone will handle deployment in their own ways. There is no advice on what to do that will make ALL the pain go away. People will judge. People will say you are wrong. People will admire you. People will be there for you. The most important thing, is that you are there for yourself. 

Start making your own happiness a priority. – Your needs matter.  If you don’t value yourself, look out for yourself, and stick up for yourself, you’re sabotaging yourself.  Remember, it IS possible to take care of your own needs while simultaneously caring for those around you.  And once your needs are met, you will likely be far more capable of helping those who need you most.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Move to base :)

In 38 days, I will be moving into OUR NEW HOME! I am so exciiiiited. I am excited especially because, even though Garrett has not returned home from deployment, I will get to live in a piece of his life. Deployment definitely isn't the same when you are living outside of your own! I can't wait to be in our loving home that I can call ours! 

New up....

I have found my new up when I am feeling down! This site- is amazing!  

They have so many different kinds of helpful writings to read no matter what it is that has made you upset. I especially love the 99 stories that will make you cry! 

How did I go on for so long without knowing this site!?!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some future telling for deployment newbies :)

I came across this tonight and it was extremely accurate! Had to share...


Getting ready for a deployment starts long before the spouse actually leaves. Many people tend to:
a) Ignore/deny that the deployment will actually happen.
b) Fantasize that the ship will sink or plane will break before the soldiers get on it, or that something will happen so their spouse does not have to leave.
c) Try to avoid the recognition of the reality of departure - that a small event, a date or a commonplace happening will trigger an emotional and/or cognition of the fact that the departure is imminent and real.

Thus the cycle begins:


- from 1-6 weeks prior to leaving, people may experience:

1) Difficulty accepting the reality of leaving or separating
2) Crying unexpectedly at "silly' things-- allow this to happen as it is essential to release the varying emotions
3) Feel an increase of tension, arguments may occur
4) A cramming in of activities/projects-- fixing up the house, lawn mower, washing machine, etc.
5) Experiencing feelings of anger, frustration and emotional distance between a couple
6) Some couples dent the separations likely occurrence by putting off the chores, discussions, etc., not facing the inevitable, procrastinating on projects
7) Difficulty in intimacy and sexual relations. It is hard to feel warm and loving when feelings angry at each other. Some say "It's easier just to let him go," or an increase in activities such as hanging on, or fearing the loss of lover/support person may occur
8) Symptoms of restlessness, irritability, anxiety, feeling an inability to cope and concern about the changes in the home environment that will occur
9) A sense of panic even though good plans have been made and most of the chores done


- Last week before departure- A difficult stage where some people may experience:

1) A sense of despair
2) Feeling the marriage is out of control, feeling a desire to separate, to run away to lessen the pain
3) A lack of energy, feeling so fatigue, depression
4) Difficulty in making decisions or keeping self together
5) Ambiguous towards one's partner and sex. It is difficult to be physically intimate when trying to separate emotionally. This should be viewed as a reaction to deployment rather than rejection of each other
6) A stopping of sharing of thoughts and feelings

***Remember these feelings and events are normal- your relationship is not generally breaking up or going down the tubes. Though you are both together in the same house, you are mentally and emotionally preparing for the separation. This is a necessary adjustment to reality.

Sometimes wives think "If you have to go, go" and the husband thinks "Let's get on with it so we can get it over with." Or vice versa depending on which spouse is leaving. Everyone will survive this stage!!!


- Begins at the start of separation and can last up to 6 weeks into deployment. Partners of experience:

1) Shock when the deployment finally arrives, a feeling that preparation has not been adequate
2) An initial sense of relief that the pain of saying goodbye is finally over, may be followed by feelings of guilt and emotional turmoil- "If I love him, why am I relieved he's gone?"
3) Feeling numb, aimless and without purpose as old routines have been disrupted and new ones have not been established
4) Depression and the desire to withdraw from the world, family, and friends, especially if friends' husbands are home
5) Feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibility and trying to be everything and do it all
6) Sleep disruption- due to loss of security and the support person; tendency to sleep too much (to escape) or too little. Eating disorders may also come to light, or become worse
7) Feeling anger at the husband for not doing everything that needed to be done around the home fro safety/security reasons
8) Feeling anger towards the military for taking spouse away when you needed him/her the most
9) Felling restless, confused, disorganized, indecisive, and irritable at everyone, especially the children
10) Feeling guilty for things that did not (or did) happen before separation

***Getting "stuck" at this stage can create an unwillingness to move on emotionally and can be detrimental to healthy adjustment


- Variable between weeks 3-5- For most people, begins several weeks and lasts until about a month before return. Most people begin to:

1) Realize at some point, usually by midway in the deployment, that "Hey, I'm doing OK."
2) Establish a new family pattern that works for them
3) Feel more comfortable with their situation , self, and the reorganization of roles and responsibilities
4) Complete successful experience, which ass to self-confidence and feeling of being able to cope
5) Reach out for support though friends, church, work, wives groups, etc.
6) Eat "cruise food" to save time/energy and to choose priorities- let some things go to have more time
7) Have higher long distance telephone bills- but must learn to keep within budget
8) Go thought the "my syndrome- my house, my car, my kids, etc.
9) Appear more mature and independent as "single" wives- you have developed new activities, accepted more responsibilities to fill the void- while secure in being married
10) Experience more sickness, initially, as increased responsibilities are more stressful until healthy coping skills are practiced
11) Feel vulnerable due to isolation from the husband and even family. Wives may feel uncertain of their abilities and may experience self-doubt
12) Feel asexual- no longer in need of sex or affection- or feel estranged due to suppressed needs and desires. Some women see themselves as unattractive and stop caring for themselves
13) Minor crisis can put person back into the disorganization stage


- About 4-6 weeks prior to spouse coming home, people begin to feel a sense of anticipation "He's coming home and I'm not ready!"

1) Compile a long list of things still left to do and begin to pick up the pace to get things done
2) Experience feelings of joy, excitement in anticipation of the spouse's return and being together again
3) Experience feelings of fear and apprehension. "Does he still love me?" "Will he have changed?" "Will he have like what I've done?"
4) Clean house of activities required to fill the void- now- to make room for the man again. Some resentment may be felt at having to give up some of the things and having to change again
5) Experience process of evaluating- "I want him back but what am I going to give up?"
6) Feel tense, nervous and apprehensive- burying fears/concerns in busy work and activities
7) Experience a sense of restlessness again but it is generally productive. Some spouses may feel confused due to the conflicting emotions they are having
8) Put off important decisions until the husband's home gain
9) Experience changes in eating and sleeping patterns developed while the spouse was gone
10) Children also go through a range of emotions and react to the temperament of the parent


- First 6 weeks home- The return to home and family stage. The husband and wife are back together physically but are not emotionally adjusted to being together. They still may feel distance and have trouble sharing decisions or talking to each other. Be patient, this stage will take time to complete.

The husband and wife:
1) Need to refocus on the marriage- share experiences, feelings and needs and avoid forcing issues on each other
2) May stop being "single" married spouse and start bering married again
3) May feel a loss of freedom and independence- feel disorganized and out of control as "deployment" routines are disrupted
4) Need to renegotiate roles and responsibilities. Husbands often feel isolated, unwanted, unneeded, which can cause arguments and hurt feelings for both partners
5) Need to be aware that too much togetherness can cause friction due to having been apart so many weeks/months
6) Need to begin to share the decision-making hat should be "their" decision
7) Need to increase their time to talk together and with the children. They may want to plan special activities of short duration as a couple and as a family.
8) Will need to progress slowly with desired sexual relations, which may fall short of expectations. This can be frightening and produce intense emotions. Wives may feel like husband is a stranger and can be hesitant at first about intimate relations.
9) Need ot allow sufficient time to court each other before true intimacy can occur
10) May find questioning threatening and see their partner as being judgmental not just curious
11) May miss the friends that helped them through the separation or who served with them during the deployment


- Sometimes within 6-12 weeks after homecoming, wives have stopped referring to "my" car, house, kids, and returns to using "we" or "our" and husbands feel more at home, needed, accepted, and valued.

1) New routines have been established and adjusted to by the family.
2) Both partners are feeling more secure, relaxed, and comfortable with each other.
3) The couple and family are back on track emotionally and can enjoy warmth and closeness with each other and their children

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It takes a big heart to love from across the world....

And big doesn't break easy.

Military Spouses <3

1. You wear old sweatpants and sweatshirts to bed.

2. You can watch whatever you want on TV without arguing with him first

3. You get up in the middle of the night to check your e-mail.

4. You sleep with your cell phone incase he calls in the middle of the night.

5. You love watching cute love movies because it reminds you of all the cute things he does when he's home.

6. You haven't shaved your legs in weeks.

7. The mailman knows you because you are always out waiting for him to come.

8. You start paying close attention in class when the words "military" or "iraq" are mentioned.

9. You suddenly have an obsession with anything military related.

10. You see someone wearing an army, navy, or usmc shirt and you get this overwhelming urge to talk to them.

11. You make friends with strangers online just because they are in the same situation as you and are the only ones that can truly understand what you are going through.

12. You can't decide what to wear when you meet him at the airport because his flight comes in at a ridiculous hour in the morning and you want to look cute, but not too cute, because your cutest outfit you want to save for your first full day together.

13. Your first Christmas together is... apart.

14. You find yourself checking your e-mail every fifteen minutes.

15. You know all the time differences between where you are and Iraq, Ireland, Kuwait, Italy, Germany, Korea, and every state in the U.S.

16. The highlight of your day is getting a letter that was mailed a month ago.

17. And if you don't get a letter, the highlight of your day is writing him a letter that you know he will be able to read in a month.

18. You realize that HOMECOMING is so much more than a football game.

19. You want to hit any happy couple you see together

20. You get excited about "unknown" phone numbers calling you.

21. You've exhausted every idea a brain could have of what to put in a box.

22. You see a "support our troops" sticker on a car when you are stuck in traffic and you find yourself guessing about who they know that is deployed and thinking about their entire life story.
23. When the clock says 11:11, you find yourself wishing for the same thing every time: a call from your soldier.

24. You get excited when its only 5 months until you see your Soldier instead of 7!

25. You can't stand girls that talk about missing their boyfriends who live a few hours away. You just want to yell "drive and go see them them" because if you had the chance, you would jump on the first plane to go see your soldier no matter how far it is.

26. You don't know what teams are on top for football, basketball, etc.

27. You wouldn't dream of walking out of the house without the cell phone and every number you have is forwarded to that cell.

28. You find yourself randomly crying from just looking at a picture of the two of you together.

29. You find yourself randomly crying and you sometimes have no idea why.

30. You stay on the internet for hours searching for anything and everything about the military.

31. You talk to your friends about him so much that they know his full name, birthday and even his favorite color.

32. You find yourself speaking in acronyms (that no one other than you and he would understand).

32. You are reading this and smiling and nodding because you know it's so true

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Bridal Gift #1

Many of my bridal party are traveling to come out the wedding, so I have decided to put together a little "guide in a jar"! 

I decorated the jar with ribbon and letters of the girl's names.

And then I stuffed it with nail polish for the wedding day, a notepad, CHOCOLATE, and a small card with discount info on bridal party dresses where I bought my gown!

Then I clothespinned an envelope containing the "guide". I am doing one color, same length any style. The homemade card included and inspirational and appreciative note, recommended travel dates, material sample of color, hair/ nail/ shoes info, theme, and bachelorette festivities :)


Judge Much?

I’m not sure what it is with people lately, and their acts to judge people. I can honestly say that anyone in my life that I have chosen to part from, has been because they personally gave me a reason to not want the shame on me when they go for round 2. You never know what a person is going through, and you can’t be the one to judge… Especially when you don’t know anything. Important things in my life stay personal. I know there are times when I am not myself because of events/ scenarios I am in, but God has blessed me with amazing friends and family who don’t judge me. And when I say don’t judge me, I mean; don’t assume what is taking place in my life and act as if I am wrong for acting the way that I do. 
Shame on people who do otherwise. And shame on the way I witness how they make people feel…
Exactly why I am honest and blunt… Those people filter themselves right on out of my life and I am left with a positive :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

AHHH I just had to say :)

I am so happy right now. 
I am happy because I can almost use my two hands to countdown the time until Garrett returns! I cannot be more excited for this deployment to end, because it means we get to start our life together! I get my kisses and my hugs and my care… Mmmm Mmmm yes, to have all that back along with many more things. AMAZING! 
I am just so in love with my husband and he makes me the happiest person in the world! I was so lucky to have that perfect match find me! 

Parenting gone bad...

Currently, I am subbing for an early childhood classroom in Pre-K. I couldn’t be more thankful for the life I was given and have now. I also couldn’t be more proud to be able to offer a good life for a child. 90% of the kids in this classroom are adopted, living with foster families, they are all on welfare, and some of them even have mental disabilities. My first two years of school were for early childhood education. When you further your studies in that field, you learn about the defects children are born with from mommies who don’t take care of themselves. It really bothers me when I can go to work and I know exactly the lifestyle one of my students mommy had. Breaks my heart how people don’t think about their children’s lives and here they are handing this child off from one family to the next...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The dreadful line...

One of the most important things I am learning through this deployment is our fine line between what to and what not to communicate. And by that, I do not mean lie about, I mean what to not make him stress over. It is hard when I am here and I can’t see what is happening there. I don’t know what his work schedule is. I don’t know how many people lied to him today. I don’t know what he had to re-do because the first plan didn’t work. All I can see is what I am going through. And how I don’t have that physical support that I am used to. He isn’t here to help me buy my new car. He isn’t here to help me with my medical issues when he is the best person to take care of me when I am sick! And worst of all, I am not there for him! I told him tonight that I feel upset over a our last conversation, and I wanted to share his “deployed insight” of why he may not be as verbally supportive.  

“im sorry kobie. i know your doing a good job. i have nothing to worry about back home and its all because you are on top of everything. im so proud of you and so amazed by what you do. im not used to having to say it tho. i dont say it at work because we are just asked to do our job. we dont get praised here and im in work mode all the time because thats my main job right now. im sorry that it seems like im ignoring what your doing but im not. i tell my friends all the time how much you do for me and how much you care. your all i talk about over here”

I am so glad the person I have to share my life with, is someone I can talk to and grow with from our conversations rather then let things linger and worsen! Yet again I have realized I was way before crossing that line, and I probably should have told my hubs a while ago before a problem occurred :) Still learnin that line!

Random fact of my day: 
If you are too hydrated, it could give you trouble sleeping! I always have trouble sleeping. Usually I take ambien because I need the push. Today I read that cherry juice contains melatonin. For those who don’t know what melatonin is, it is a hormone that helps you sleep :) A natural way is always a better way because you can train your body by using it’s full potential with no addictions! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Healthy is important!

I cant even explain how drained I am physically and emotionally from deployment to everything in my life that my car accident effected to my treatment….. BLAH. 
I listened to everyone and looked at the bright side of my disability and took a break to get better! I guess it may have helped my head from the concussions, but I think resting has done all that it can do now. It is ridiculous to live like this, and I am not sure if it has been harder or better for deployment.
Therefore I am done… In attempt to take my route, I have switched to a less sedating medication so I can wake up with less than 12 hours of sleep. I have also decided if I am not subbing, then I am going to use my morning time to work out at the gym and get my body going again! The endorphins will be great for the positivity :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thankful :D

I am currently watching “Sleeping With The Enemy”, which is reminding me what I wanted to write about tonight. This last week, I have been around people who are have a series of unfortunate events happening in their lives. It makes me so thankful for my life and how everything is turning out. Everyone has their problems. Mine are definitely manageable! I complain a lot when Garrett is deployed (what wife doesn’t), but I know everything is going to be okay! We might not have 20 thousand dollars in our savings account (which I think is still not enough to save for a kid!), but we will be okay! We both have jobs, we have a very loyal relationship, we are planning a special wedding exactly how we want it to be, everything with my health is only getting better, my treatments are successful!!!, we get to buy my new car with no problems, and we always have a roof/ tent (LOL) over our heads :). 
That being said, I am quite thankful for the life I am living and the opportunities I have! 
And of course the love that puts a smile on my face :) Made it halfway! The rest should be downhill!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Halfway mark!!!

Today is my halfway day for deployment!!! (according to Garrett's ETA of course!)

Just thinking about everything that needs to get done before he comes home! I cannot wait :))) I think I have enough going on to keep me busy and positive for the next few months. I booked my last vacation before Garrett comes home. Every year about 40 of my friends go on a cruise to Ensenada and this year may very well be my last! I am definitely ok with parting from this tradition because the grass on the other side is greener and brighter.

I got to talk to Garrett this morning for 15 minutes online. He said he wouldn't be on again until tomorrow. I told him "That's so far away!" (only because we have barely talked the past three weeks!) and he said "but you know I am ok".   -______-  Men.

Tonight I will be celebrating! And it is perfect timing because bevmo has zins for 33% off :)



They do not accept power of attorney from deployed military spouses....

All I can really say to keep this classy.

Post melt down ramble...

It’s relaxin time!
I feel like today I was ran through the washing machine! I want to say that deployment is mentally exhausting. I literally shut my brain down as of four hours ago. I am tired of talking to people, tired of handling accounts with a power of attorney, tired of work stress, tired of apartment shopping… I think it’s safe to say, I am tired! 
What helps when this happens? A great nights sleep! An ambien induced sleep! Since it’s hard to sleep with things on your mind (and a military wife’s mind is never at ease), I like to use sleep aids so the next day, I am stronger and able to handle bigger situations at a more relaxed time. 
I am so excited to soon be signing our lease to our new apartment! No more staying with family for deployment! Just Garrett and I, and Duke of course ;) We get to make our own plans. We get to live how we want to. We run everything about our lives. 
Thinking about Garrett tonight. Thinking about the romantic things I wish I had when he was here and I was spoiled. Thinking about the time I had a medical situation with medicine that made it not possible to drink alcohol. That night Garrett came home with a bottle of magicale that he had to walk into Disneyland to get… and I was mad because he wasn’t paying attention to my issue -______-. Man I sure would kill to go back to that night! 
Deployment has taught me more than enough… but one thing I will never forget, is too take advantage of our moments together! 
Thinking of you tonight 

We took so many pictures! But I will never have enough! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding savers!

I have a gluten allergy. I have been on the gluten free diet for almost 6 years and I developed my allergy in my late teens. For my wedding, I would like to have buffet style food served. I am getting married on a farm and simple is so far, best. I would prefer not to hire servers, chefs, kitchen assistants, coordinator, bar tender. All I want is the food!! So I spoke to the owner of a gluten free bakery I shop at and got some insider tips for buffet style!;

  1. Don't ever tell a catering service your food will be for a "wedding". You simply need to say "a party".
  2. When you tell the your guest list amount, they make sure there is 2-3 of everything for everyone to eat. Especially doing buffet style, women and children typically do not eat 2-3 steaks, baked potato, etc. having a party of 110 can easily be dropped to 70-80 and still allow the right amount of food.
  3. Rent the heaters! Most of the time your venue will have tons of them on hand. They are also super cheap at costco. You can request to even pick up the food from the caterer in the steel pans. 
  4. Hire someone to worry for you. I will be hiring some nicely dressed friends of my brothers to serve small items, manage trash, ask about refills, etc.

We will be saving almost $5,000 by using these techniques.

That milk glass is half full...

Obviously being a military wife, I am always around my military friends who are from all over the world! A melting pot, right in our Oceanside area. I have learned so many things from my wife friends. I never knew how much it took to keep a household organized! I have always taken care of myself on my own; paid my bills, budget my money, clean, decide when and when not to go out, always employed, somehow fit school in there. But now, I have a household. It's not just me, it's us.

I have also learned that the military can flip you upside down and shake any plans/ temporary goals right out of your head in an instant! Here it goes for the best thing I have learned *drum roll*


There is ALWAYS a positive and a negative to anything. I have realized if I am relaxed and I take the time to find the positive in things, it will be worth it in the long run! Stress is like acid to life and people dont always realize how their negative feelings are rubbing off on the people they care the most about! 

My new friend fertility!


I am really not enjoying the constant thirst, tiredness, anemia, and hormones!!!

I woke up from sleeping on my side and had bruises from the weight of my body. I am staying positive though, and thinking about how lucky I am to be able to recover from my past issue and have normal hormone levels to be able to make our own child before it's too late! 

Disneyland, family and friends....



Women are vicious!

Currently at Pendelton, there is a very nice group offering free events and classes per following guidelines. One wife holds this group together! She is 23 years old (my age) and I know I wouldn't have time to do the things she does. No I do not agree with a thing here or there. But I understand that it takes a lot of discipline, sacrifice, and time to keep such a group together. Every time this person running this group does anything to offend anyone, they run to facebook to post mean things about her! I have even requested they remove them and I have never met the girl. I am not sure why this vicious girl has been removed or blocked from the group, but if I were running it and I saw the things being said about me behind my back, I would have done the same.

It drives me crazy that in such a close knit life style, wives can be so quick to treat others so bad! It is cruel.

Morale of my story: Pick and choose your friends wisely! You like people because of who they are, and they do not need to have the same values as you to be your friend! You never know when you will need someone, so be nice to everyone and get over yourselves!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spouse Quiz

1. How did you and your spouse meet?

I was dating his room mate.

2. How old were you when you first met?

22. And he was 22 as well!

3. How long have you been together?

Hmmm. We didn't start our relationship until we were in love and knew we would want to be together forever, which was in February 2011!

4. Where are you and your spouse originally from?

I am a military brat, so where I am from is a good question... Japan, California, Colorado; He is from Virginia.

5. How did you feel about him joining the military?

He was on his 4th year in and he just re enlistment... It is what he wants, so i support him.
6. Where did your spouse go to basic training?

Paris Island

7. Has your spouse ever been deployed?

LOL YES! His first 4 years in, he was always PSCed in the U.S. and only spent 13 months total in the U.S. The rest of the time, he was deployed.

8. Ever been to his promotion ceremony?

No, he has always been deployed...

9. How long have you been a military wife?

Wife: 5 months  Brat: 23 years.

10. Did you marry him before or after he joined?


11. How did your husband propose?

Well, as usual, the marine corps ruined our 4th of July plans and had him work last minute. At this point, I was really upset because we were never able to follow through with plans and I was upset. Garrett booked a weekend at Disneyland and got us a very nice room at the Grand Californian. Our first day there, we were leaving the valet to go to the liquor store and I ran over a spike strip! We forgot everything we wanted to bring. Everything was going wrong. It was so us... His original plan to propose at the 4th of July fireworks show had changed and he had to propose the day everything went wrong but we still had each other :)! July 3rd during a water show, which broke down right as he was proposing! 

12. Where did you get married?

Denver, CO. Our wedding will be in Santa Barbara CA

13. How old where you two when you got married?


14. Did he wear his uniform on his wedding day?

He will be!

15. Where are you and your spouse currently stationed?

Camp Pendelton, CA

16. Do you live on base?


17. How long were you married when you had to go through your first separation?

2 months

18.  What is your favorite base so far?

Not Pendelton! Wishing I were on east coast!

19. Do you think your spouse looks good in his uniform?

Of course DUH.

20. Do you think the military life is more advanced than the civilian life?

Not more advanced... Definitely different.

21. Do you like the benefits you receive as a military dependent?

Yes. I do not like the mess ups from the people setting it up!

22. Do you have a lot of military wife friends?

Yes! Great ones. Few but they I pick and choose wisely.

23. What is the hardest part of the military life?

Since I dont have a family with children of my own, the only negative thoughts we have is not being able to follow through with plans/ trips.

24. Do you own a lot of military wife stuff?

Not really... Not military wife stuff, but fair amount of marine/navy things.

25. Do you support your spouse as a member of the military?

YES... You have to think about what you're getting yourself into BEFORE the marriage...

Introducing to blogspot :D

My name is Kobie, and I am married to my wonderful husband Garrett. He is currently in Afghanistan serving in the USMC. We are stationed at Pendelton for now. Hoping to be on the east coast by November 2012 :) We are planning our wedding for August of 2012! We have a pug named Duke and he is 5 years old! I absolutely LOVE pugs.

For now, most of my posts are dealing with deployment/ military/ whatever is on my mind that I don't feel like talking about because the one person I do want to talk to is not here! Or photography things! I LOVE photography and I try to shoot everything everywhere I go to keep my memories with me :)