Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thankful :D

I am currently watching “Sleeping With The Enemy”, which is reminding me what I wanted to write about tonight. This last week, I have been around people who are have a series of unfortunate events happening in their lives. It makes me so thankful for my life and how everything is turning out. Everyone has their problems. Mine are definitely manageable! I complain a lot when Garrett is deployed (what wife doesn’t), but I know everything is going to be okay! We might not have 20 thousand dollars in our savings account (which I think is still not enough to save for a kid!), but we will be okay! We both have jobs, we have a very loyal relationship, we are planning a special wedding exactly how we want it to be, everything with my health is only getting better, my treatments are successful!!!, we get to buy my new car with no problems, and we always have a roof/ tent (LOL) over our heads :). 
That being said, I am quite thankful for the life I am living and the opportunities I have! 
And of course the love that puts a smile on my face :) Made it halfway! The rest should be downhill!

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