Friday, January 20, 2012

Post melt down ramble...

It’s relaxin time!
I feel like today I was ran through the washing machine! I want to say that deployment is mentally exhausting. I literally shut my brain down as of four hours ago. I am tired of talking to people, tired of handling accounts with a power of attorney, tired of work stress, tired of apartment shopping… I think it’s safe to say, I am tired! 
What helps when this happens? A great nights sleep! An ambien induced sleep! Since it’s hard to sleep with things on your mind (and a military wife’s mind is never at ease), I like to use sleep aids so the next day, I am stronger and able to handle bigger situations at a more relaxed time. 
I am so excited to soon be signing our lease to our new apartment! No more staying with family for deployment! Just Garrett and I, and Duke of course ;) We get to make our own plans. We get to live how we want to. We run everything about our lives. 
Thinking about Garrett tonight. Thinking about the romantic things I wish I had when he was here and I was spoiled. Thinking about the time I had a medical situation with medicine that made it not possible to drink alcohol. That night Garrett came home with a bottle of magicale that he had to walk into Disneyland to get… and I was mad because he wasn’t paying attention to my issue -______-. Man I sure would kill to go back to that night! 
Deployment has taught me more than enough… but one thing I will never forget, is too take advantage of our moments together! 
Thinking of you tonight 

We took so many pictures! But I will never have enough! 

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