Thursday, January 26, 2012

The dreadful line...

One of the most important things I am learning through this deployment is our fine line between what to and what not to communicate. And by that, I do not mean lie about, I mean what to not make him stress over. It is hard when I am here and I can’t see what is happening there. I don’t know what his work schedule is. I don’t know how many people lied to him today. I don’t know what he had to re-do because the first plan didn’t work. All I can see is what I am going through. And how I don’t have that physical support that I am used to. He isn’t here to help me buy my new car. He isn’t here to help me with my medical issues when he is the best person to take care of me when I am sick! And worst of all, I am not there for him! I told him tonight that I feel upset over a our last conversation, and I wanted to share his “deployed insight” of why he may not be as verbally supportive.  

“im sorry kobie. i know your doing a good job. i have nothing to worry about back home and its all because you are on top of everything. im so proud of you and so amazed by what you do. im not used to having to say it tho. i dont say it at work because we are just asked to do our job. we dont get praised here and im in work mode all the time because thats my main job right now. im sorry that it seems like im ignoring what your doing but im not. i tell my friends all the time how much you do for me and how much you care. your all i talk about over here”

I am so glad the person I have to share my life with, is someone I can talk to and grow with from our conversations rather then let things linger and worsen! Yet again I have realized I was way before crossing that line, and I probably should have told my hubs a while ago before a problem occurred :) Still learnin that line!

Random fact of my day: 
If you are too hydrated, it could give you trouble sleeping! I always have trouble sleeping. Usually I take ambien because I need the push. Today I read that cherry juice contains melatonin. For those who don’t know what melatonin is, it is a hormone that helps you sleep :) A natural way is always a better way because you can train your body by using it’s full potential with no addictions! 

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