Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Women are vicious!

Currently at Pendelton, there is a very nice group offering free events and classes per following guidelines. One wife holds this group together! She is 23 years old (my age) and I know I wouldn't have time to do the things she does. No I do not agree with a thing here or there. But I understand that it takes a lot of discipline, sacrifice, and time to keep such a group together. Every time this person running this group does anything to offend anyone, they run to facebook to post mean things about her! I have even requested they remove them and I have never met the girl. I am not sure why this vicious girl has been removed or blocked from the group, but if I were running it and I saw the things being said about me behind my back, I would have done the same.

It drives me crazy that in such a close knit life style, wives can be so quick to treat others so bad! It is cruel.

Morale of my story: Pick and choose your friends wisely! You like people because of who they are, and they do not need to have the same values as you to be your friend! You never know when you will need someone, so be nice to everyone and get over yourselves!

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