Tuesday, January 17, 2012

That milk glass is half full...

Obviously being a military wife, I am always around my military friends who are from all over the world! A melting pot, right in our Oceanside area. I have learned so many things from my wife friends. I never knew how much it took to keep a household organized! I have always taken care of myself on my own; paid my bills, budget my money, clean, decide when and when not to go out, always employed, somehow fit school in there. But now, I have a household. It's not just me, it's us.

I have also learned that the military can flip you upside down and shake any plans/ temporary goals right out of your head in an instant! Here it goes for the best thing I have learned *drum roll*


There is ALWAYS a positive and a negative to anything. I have realized if I am relaxed and I take the time to find the positive in things, it will be worth it in the long run! Stress is like acid to life and people dont always realize how their negative feelings are rubbing off on the people they care the most about! 

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