Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As little as the weather...

Here I am getting ready for my Hawaii vacation. I wanted to compare weather where I will be to where the hubby is. When I looked at his weather, I noticed its about a hundred degrees hotter than the last time we talked about it. It's little things like that which show me I miss out on parts of his life (as well as he misses out on mine) while on deployment. Yuck! Glad it's almost over!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have been doing homecomings for my photography, and they are just so magical. I can't help but get nervous and excited for the ladies I am shooting! I can't wait to have my experience :) Getting to fall in love all over again, and it's gonna be awesome!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things dont always go as planned...

I am sure everyone makes an ideal plan of life and how they want things to go. I know I did! My mom always told me: First college, then get married, then buy a house, then have kids. So of course the way life has come, things are not completely going to be in that order! I am not a fan of the stereotypical life! 
I went to lunch with a friend the other day and she asked, “So do you know where you’re going to travel to first?”. I said, “What are you talking about?”. She said “Since you found your man, now you have a partner and you can do all your traveling!” I said “No. That is not our plan”. And then I was frowned upon! 
1. She knows very well what is going on in my life. 2. I don't even want to travel! All I want is a vacation and some "us time" with my hubby! It kind of upsets me that people feel the need to throw their opinions out there and judge how I handle the situation I am in. If my ovaries close to failed, and my fertility is working… Therefore I choose to have a child as soon as I think I should, then more power to me. The situation I am in does not involve having the time to roam the world, or wait until I am 27 as I wished before. If someone else in my situation would like to spend life on fertility and have a harder chance at having a baby… good for them! I am not willing to put those chances on the line.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Been awhile...

Usually my blogs are my rants... but lately, I have had nothing to rant about. Taking off work has definitely been a load off my shoulders as I get the house home (sounds funny) put together before Garrett returns from deployment.

We finally have a homecoming date, which I am sure will change 500 times before he returns. But we did get e-mails for the cut-offs of sending packages and all that goodness.

We are at a point with our deployment where we are both frustrated with how there's barely any time left! I think because there is so little time left that we feel comfortable talking about it... which means we are talking about it... which means we are frustrated over it! :) Oo military life...

Definitely still the happiest couple on the planet! Staying positive through this madness of a seven months, but it is only preparing us for the rest of our lives :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's wise...... :)

Stop berating yourself for being a work in progress. – Start embracing it!  Because being a work in progress doesn’t mean you’re not good enough today.  It means you want a better tomorrow, and you wish to love yourself completely, so you can live your life fully.  It means you’re determined to heal your heart, expand your mind and cultivate the gifts you know you’re meant to share. May we all be works in progress forever, and celebrate the fact that we are!
This is so true… Whether people like to see it through their own eyes or not, you can be the only person to live in your shoes. If you are succeeding slowly but surely, EMBRACE IT!

I feel like deployment has made me as a person, a work in progress all over again. Not that deployment is over yet, but since half way, it feels like a downhill battle from now on! One thing I learned through out this experience is that everyone will handle deployment in their own ways. There is no advice on what to do that will make ALL the pain go away. People will judge. People will say you are wrong. People will admire you. People will be there for you. The most important thing, is that you are there for yourself. 

Start making your own happiness a priority. – Your needs matter.  If you don’t value yourself, look out for yourself, and stick up for yourself, you’re sabotaging yourself.  Remember, it IS possible to take care of your own needs while simultaneously caring for those around you.  And once your needs are met, you will likely be far more capable of helping those who need you most.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Move to base :)

In 38 days, I will be moving into OUR NEW HOME! I am so exciiiiited. I am excited especially because, even though Garrett has not returned home from deployment, I will get to live in a piece of his life. Deployment definitely isn't the same when you are living outside of your own! I can't wait to be in our loving home that I can call ours! 

New up....

I have found my new up when I am feeling down! This site- is amazing!  

They have so many different kinds of helpful writings to read no matter what it is that has made you upset. I especially love the 99 stories that will make you cry! 

How did I go on for so long without knowing this site!?!