Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Healthy is important!

I cant even explain how drained I am physically and emotionally from deployment to everything in my life that my car accident effected to my treatment….. BLAH. 
I listened to everyone and looked at the bright side of my disability and took a break to get better! I guess it may have helped my head from the concussions, but I think resting has done all that it can do now. It is ridiculous to live like this, and I am not sure if it has been harder or better for deployment.
Therefore I am done… In attempt to take my route, I have switched to a less sedating medication so I can wake up with less than 12 hours of sleep. I have also decided if I am not subbing, then I am going to use my morning time to work out at the gym and get my body going again! The endorphins will be great for the positivity :)

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