Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things dont always go as planned...

I am sure everyone makes an ideal plan of life and how they want things to go. I know I did! My mom always told me: First college, then get married, then buy a house, then have kids. So of course the way life has come, things are not completely going to be in that order! I am not a fan of the stereotypical life! 
I went to lunch with a friend the other day and she asked, “So do you know where you’re going to travel to first?”. I said, “What are you talking about?”. She said “Since you found your man, now you have a partner and you can do all your traveling!” I said “No. That is not our plan”. And then I was frowned upon! 
1. She knows very well what is going on in my life. 2. I don't even want to travel! All I want is a vacation and some "us time" with my hubby! It kind of upsets me that people feel the need to throw their opinions out there and judge how I handle the situation I am in. If my ovaries close to failed, and my fertility is working… Therefore I choose to have a child as soon as I think I should, then more power to me. The situation I am in does not involve having the time to roam the world, or wait until I am 27 as I wished before. If someone else in my situation would like to spend life on fertility and have a harder chance at having a baby… good for them! I am not willing to put those chances on the line.

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