Friday, March 9, 2012

Been awhile...

Usually my blogs are my rants... but lately, I have had nothing to rant about. Taking off work has definitely been a load off my shoulders as I get the house home (sounds funny) put together before Garrett returns from deployment.

We finally have a homecoming date, which I am sure will change 500 times before he returns. But we did get e-mails for the cut-offs of sending packages and all that goodness.

We are at a point with our deployment where we are both frustrated with how there's barely any time left! I think because there is so little time left that we feel comfortable talking about it... which means we are talking about it... which means we are frustrated over it! :) Oo military life...

Definitely still the happiest couple on the planet! Staying positive through this madness of a seven months, but it is only preparing us for the rest of our lives :)

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