Friday, January 20, 2012

Halfway mark!!!

Today is my halfway day for deployment!!! (according to Garrett's ETA of course!)

Just thinking about everything that needs to get done before he comes home! I cannot wait :))) I think I have enough going on to keep me busy and positive for the next few months. I booked my last vacation before Garrett comes home. Every year about 40 of my friends go on a cruise to Ensenada and this year may very well be my last! I am definitely ok with parting from this tradition because the grass on the other side is greener and brighter.

I got to talk to Garrett this morning for 15 minutes online. He said he wouldn't be on again until tomorrow. I told him "That's so far away!" (only because we have barely talked the past three weeks!) and he said "but you know I am ok".   -______-  Men.

Tonight I will be celebrating! And it is perfect timing because bevmo has zins for 33% off :)

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